Discover the Trailer of Ferdinand, the bull 'Antitaurino'

Ferdinand promises to be one of the animated films of the year. Blue Sky Studios, the studio that created Ice Age and Rio, has been in charge of making this animated film based on the story of the American writer Munro Leaf published in 1936 with illustrations by Robert Lawson.

The story tells the story of a brave bull that prefers to be in the countryside enjoying the charms that nature offers before being bullfighting and executed in a bullring. In short, Ferdinand is an anti-bull bull. In the first trailer of the film directed by Carlos Saldanha is an advance of the stereotypes of the Spain of the late 30's.

The story created by Munro Leaf already has a past in the world of cinema. Walt Disney versioned it in 'Ferdinand the Bull' in 1938 and ended up conquering an Oscar. Already by then the story, one of the most popular children's literature in the United States, generated controversy in Spain, a controversy that will return as the date of its release approaches in late 2017.


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